09 August 2008

Lisa Marie: a baby bump built for two

Lisa Marie Presley is baring all for the September issue of Marie Claire on newsstands 12 August. Pregnant with twins, you might remember that Lisa Marie was pretty miffed a few months back when she was attacked for being 'fat' well before she had announced that she was pregnant. According to the this new article, 'baring all' is her way of getting back at fat taunts:

"The tabloids were going so far as to alter photos. I could never figure out why they went to all that trouble to make me look fat. "There are at least six other famous women pregnant right now who aren't getting picked on," she says in the interview. "But they're all over me. It's like there is a campaign to demean me."
"You know what I think when I see those fat photos? I am not going to let them control me. I just let it all hang out. You want to look at me? Go ahead and look." "I am trying to grow another human being," she adds. "Besides, I'm 40! I'm lucky to even be able to do this."
But apparently the controversy doesn't stop here. According to one of her recent blog posts, LMP is pissed off at Marie Claire for taking her quotes out of context:
"I gave a 3 hour heart felt interview and what became of it was. Quotes that were usually about something else entirely in the conversation, grossly simplified and taken way out of context and sprinkled randomly and erroneously throughout the 2 pages [sic]."If you want it [the magazine] for the photos then great but I am not behind the article at all."

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