08 August 2008

Birth couture? Give me a break.

Well. I have seen the future (again). And it is not good.
As if it wasn't enough to have 'couture' hospital gowns(Remember when I wrote about J.Lo and her designer gowns? http://babybumpproject.blogspot.com/2008/02/jlo-too-good-for-paper-hospital-gown.html
Now, it seems, some enterprising young mum has created a birthing dress. Apparently, it's for 'fashionistas' who feel the need to look hot when they are pushing out big-headed humans from very small holes.
It's $98 and very tenuously references something about making you feel 'warm and fuzzy'
Right. And it's probably 'Dry Clean Only' as well.


MJ's mommy said...

I think this might be the opposite of what your saying. Yes it would be a luxury, but it could help a woman feel more in charge of her birth to choose what she has on, rather than take what hospitals give out: sheets with a string where you can hardly find your (very pregnant) body. Or be the only naked person in a room - what would you choose? I say, it's one option towards empowerment.

Cherryskin said...

Personally, I think only first-time mums would care *before* the labour. Once you're in there working on birthing a baby, what you're wearing becomes pretty insignificant.

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