21 August 2008

Maternity fashion has just become 'fierce'

Christian Siriano, the designer from Project Runway, is designing a maternity line called Fierce for Moody Mamas slated for production in Spring 2009. Siriano "thought it would be great" for a gay man to partner with two women who haven't given birth to create a maternity line.

Sources: www.moodymamas.com


Olivia said...

Oh, gag me. And the shoes in that last sketch? Most women don't wear heels that high when they aren't pregnant, let alone when their center of balance has shifted and they've gained 25 pounds. What an idiot.

AvoidTheRedShoes said...

Oh my gawd, those clothes are so freakin' cute. Probably out of my price range. And about the heels... some of us preggs would still like the option. Especially for a night out. Hey, if you and your partner are just going on a dinner date, walking from the car to your table in some cute heels won't kill you.

Cherryskin said...

Well, women are at the mercy of men designing most of their fashion as it is, so why should pregnant women have their clothes designed by people who understand and/or care?

Cherryskin said...

avoidtheredshoes: Walking from the bed to the loo (for the fifth time that night) in bare feet kills you after about 35 weeks. ;-)

Andrew said...

Hi, nice blog-there are some great nuggets of advice on there. A great range of womens maternity fashion can be found at Peacocks here in the UK - they are very stylish and reasonably priced.

AvoidTheRedShoes said...

Why is cherryskin telling me what being 35 weeks along is like?? I've given birth to two kids for crying out loud. Not all of us are whales at 35 weeks *rolls eyes*. Just because you don't want the option of heels doesn't mean no one else does. Every pregnancy experience is different.

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