29 August 2008

Minnie Driver: pregnant bikini poll

Remember those pregnant bikini photos of Minnie Driver I posted the other day? As I was perusing the interwebs, I came across a poll at Popeater asking whether people 'approved' of Driver wearing a bikini.

This is what they found:

What's your take on bikinis while pregnant?
Why would you?60%
Why not?40%

How soon do you think Minnie will have the baby?
2-4 weeks41%
4-6 weeks27%
Within 2 weeks22%
6+ weeks10%

1 comment:

Cherryskin said...

I can tell all those people "why you would": Firstly, because for whatever reason, you want to, and you can. Secondly, fitting into a bikini is MUCH easier than trying to find a decent one-piece which fits over your pregnant belly. Thirdly, on hot days it's unbearable having that much of your body (and when you're pg, it's a large proportion!) swathed in synthetic clingy fabric.

I went to a public swimming pool when I was days away from giving birth (although I didn't know it, as I was three weeks away from my due date), and I wore a bikini for the reasons stated above. I was amazed and amused at the reaction I got from the KIDS at the pool! They were all over me like bees around a honey pot -- seriously, I felt like some kind of sideshow attraction or goddess or the Pied Piper (all in one!), because they were in awe. One, aged about two, was even stroking my belly! It was pretty intense -- I felt a little uncomfortable but pretty awesome at the same time. Uncomfortable because I was worried the parents would disapprove of the effect I was having (although I didn't notice any disapproval), and awesome because I just wanted to bob down, cuddle them, and say "Yeah, there's a baby in there, and isn't it FANTASTIC?!"

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