06 August 2008

New Mothers Speak Out

It seems that women have more to worry about than just postnatal depression. About 15% of new mums experiences PND. A new study suggests that some American women (about 9%) are also experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder due to childbirth. It i thought that the increase in the number of medical obstetric procedures in labor and delivery, like Caesarean sections and premature births, could be contributing to PTSD. These women often report feeling powerless in during their births. African-American women, those without private health insurance and women with unplanned pregnancies were more likely to have PTSD symptoms. The survey, called New Mothers Speak Out, also covered a range of other post-birth issues.

Here is a good podcast about PND: http://podcast.mktw.net/wsj/audio/20080804/pod-wsjzimmerman/pod-wsjzimmerman.mp3

Sources: http://www.childbirthconnection.org/ http://online.wsj.com/article/SB121789883018612223.html?mod=googlenews_wsj

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