07 August 2008

Ulkrika Jonsson weighs in on bouncing back

TV presenter Ulrika Jonsoon is 5 stone heavier since she had her 4th baby a few weeks ago and she has written an essay for the Daily Mail about the scrutiny of her weight gain and the pressures to bounce back. She's written a very honest account of her weighing more than her husband, the enormous praise lavished upon Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry for their washboard abs a few weeks post-birth, and the struggles she's had with fighting to be skinny throughout her life:
"I remember thinking at the time that if I ever got pregnant again, I'd be one of those gloriously slender Yummy Mummies, driving my immaculate family around Chelsea in a vast and shiny 4x4, laughing mockingly at all the fat mums-to-be passing me by. Some chance. My body shape has changed more this time than it did in any of my previous three pregnancies, when I managed to notch up just a measly three stone".


Julia said...

It strikes me that the title of her piece is "Why I'm PROUD to be five stone heavier..." I doubt she really is. She says in the first few lines that she needs to remind herself that she isn't fat; that she's just had a baby.

That doesn't sound like pride to me. While some of the musings in her article are promising, the underlying tone still flirts with shame.

Olivia said...

What a refreshing piece. It's nice to hear her perspective in light of how many "How she lost the baby weight" articles the media bombards us with.

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