11 August 2008

Oh no you didnt!

Hell has frozen over.

*deep breath*

I just found an article about post-baby weight loss in the New York Daily News (I guess that says it all) in which the author quotes some $%&*head surgeon that says caesareans are great for this reason:

"You burn a lot of calories healing after a C-section. It's a serious surgical procedure - you're cutting through the abdominal wall and the uterus," he explains. "Your body is trying to repair itself and that stimulates your metabolism. Plus you're usually on a liquid diet for the first few days afterward. You can lose about 10 pounds. So if you keep that off, watch your diet and get back to exercising, you can look really good."

Right. let's just go back to the 'cutting through the abdominal wall' bit. How about 'Ouch'? Um, I think weight loss is perhaps the last thing on your mind when you are trying to prevent your intestines from bursting out of your surgical scar.

There you have it, ladies. Elect to have a caesar and forget about going to the gym. Your immune system will take care of the weight loss for you.


Michelle Smith said...

That is some sick motivation to undertake a surgical procedure. I could hack an arm off too and lose the weight of the severed arm and a little extra off my butt as the wound heals up.

Way to reinforce the concept that women should have washboard stomachs immediately after childbirth.

AvoidTheRedShoes said...

Wow! Cool! And guess what, I had a friend who was cut with a dirty knife and got Hepatitis and he lost a TON of weight, at least 20 pounds pretty quickly from illness. So I bet if you have a cesarean AND aquire an infection you'd REALLY lose weight. How easy is that? Oh yeah, and I hear cancer is a pretty great weight loss technique too...

fleur-de-lys said...


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