09 July 2007

Cindy Crawford: on being a wife, mum and business mogul

Cindy Crawford, the new face of Omega watches, has been hanging out in Sydney to promote the new Omega store and had some time to do a few interviews in between. This is from the Herald Sun Sunday Magazine pp.15-18

On her body:
'I'm like any woman. I have good hair days and bad hair days. I have parts of my body I like and parts I'm less keen on now that I'm older. By at 41, my body has changed. I've had two kids, so my waist isn't as small as it was, but I'm comfortable in my skin and that's a great thing about getting older. Once you turn 40, you learn to like who you are and where you're at in life'.

On motherhood:
'I love it. I have a great relationship with my own mother, so it's fantastic to be able to build something similarly strong with my own children'.

On size zero:
'Models have taken a lot of the blame for that look. We have to look a certain way to do our job properly, but fashion goes in cycles. When I was starting out, I did well because I was fit and athletic and then, in the 90s, the super-skinny thing began. Nowadays, it's more often the celebrities who are size zero, but models get the blame for that trend.

On not being a size zero:
'I was never very thin and I never will be. But particularly, having a young daughter, I'm very aware that she sees that I eat, that I enjoy my food and that if I want to have something, I'll have it, but that I also exercise by playing tennis, hiking and swimming to stay healthy, too'.

Here's a flashback of an interview when she was pregnant with her daughter from Fit Pregnancy:

You’re famous for being a total babe, but do you have any body insecurities?
Oh, absolutely. I’ve posed nude in Playboy, and I posed nude on the cover of W while I was expecting Presley, but I won’t even wear bikinis when I’m pregnant. I don’t mind wearing tight stuff, but I feel too naked if I have my tummy showing — I wear a tank and a sarong. It’s weird, huh?

Any nude posing this time?
Not yet. Some days I feel better about this silhouette than on other days. I’m not one of those women who feel their most beautiful and feminine when they’re pregnant.

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