09 July 2007

Penny Lancaster loses baby weight 'naturally'

Rod Stewart's model missus, Penny Lancaster, spoke to Ok! magazine about becoming a mother and gaining weight. She says she feels more 'womanly' and loves her postbaby body.

On her body:
'Rod prefers my body since I gave birth. I'm more confident. Having had a baby I feel more womanly. Obviously I put weight on, but I honestly didn't care. I loved getting big! I was determined that my baby's health came first'.

On losing weight:
'It's only now that I feel I have got my figure back. But I've done it the right way, the natural way. For the first nine months while breastfeeding, I kept up my calorie intake and my exercise routine consisted of pushing Alastair in his pram'.

Why do I find it hard to believe that her weight loss was solely the result of breastfeeding? Interesting, she told the Mirror a different story last year just five months after the birth...I'm not trying to imply that it's wrong to want to work out post-birth, I just HATE IT when celebrities lie and say they did nothing to lose weight when they obviously do exercise and eat healthfully.

Some highlights of her exercise regimen..and it wasnt just breastfeeding that knocked the weight off...

'I couldn't cycle at first, it was still too painful with the stitches, so we went to our house in Palm Beach where I used the swimming pool."

'When I tried to speed up my cardio workout, my milk started running low, so I had to slow. Now I walk on an incline on the treadmill instead of running'.

'It's important to exercise the core muscles afterwards pregnancy because your belly just turns to jelly. I used to be able to do 30 press-ups but after I could do only one. I do Pilates and yoga-style exercise now'.



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