04 July 2007

How in the world did Nicole Ritchie get knocked up?

Is anyone else confused? How does a girl (and I call her a girl because she looks like one) who fluctuates between 38-45 kilos become pregnant? Surely, Nicole isn't having regular periods!

Women who are very underweight before they become pregnant are 72% more likely to miscarry in the first three months of pregnancy. Given that Ritchie has a sort of sketchy history with eating disorders, I wonder how she will cope with the inevitable weight gain associated with pregnancy. In my own research, I have found that women who have long-standing obsessions with their body weight pre-pregnancy find it very challenging to grow bigger in pregnancy. In more extreme cases, such intense bodily dissatisfaction can lead to antenatal or postnatal depression.
According to the American Pregnancy Association, eating disorders that are not looked after properly during pregnancy can lead to:

Premature labor
Low birth weight
Stillbirth or fetal death
Likelihood of Cesarean birth
Delayed fetal growth
Respiratory problems
Gestational diabetes
Complications during labor

Let's hope Nicole can make it through safely (if she is indeed pregnant and not avoiding jail time!)

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