13 July 2007

Suzy Preston: on gaining weight

After losing 43kg on The Biggest Loser (America), it was hard for Suzy Preston (she is married to the winner of the same series, Matt Hoover) to see the weight creep back on when she got pregnant.

On her pre-pregnancy body:
'Four months before I got pregnant, I was in the best shape ever. I’d got all the excess skin removed and was feeling the best I ever had'.

On gaining weight during pregnancy:
Her anxiety about gaining weight got so bad that she was having panic attacks during her regular weigh-ins with her doctor. “I had to stop looking at the scale,” she says.

On being pregnant:
'This pregnancy thing is overrated, but I am really excited about being a mom'.

On post-baby weight loss:
'I got a jogging stroller. My goal is to be able run the five miles a day I was doing before I got pregnant'.
Suzy gave birth to Rex Timothy on 23 June.

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