02 July 2008

Baby bump round-up

Oh Minnie, gotta love her. Last week the poor gal was dubbed 'pasty' with a 'massive' bump in a white bikini a la Mylene Klass. This week she is praised for wearing a "thigh-skimming, off the shoulder number" as she "sashayed" down the red carpet. As the birth is imminent, the media want to know things (well, 2 things only): who is her baby daddy? and how is she going to lose the weight. Minnie is still mum on dad but she did have this to say about weight loss:

'I don't know what this celebrity obsession of getting your pre-baby body back in the shortest time possible is all about. It's the most unhealthy thing and it's horrifying that you should somehow get back into a size two a couple of weeks after giving birth. So plan on seeing me podgy and fat, knocking around in Malibu and proud of it."

Did I mention I love her?

In other 'news', Ashley Simpson now has a 'baby bump'. You heard it here first. Oh and Angelina Jolie has checked in hospital to 'prepare' for birth a few days before her due date. Sounds suss to me. I think she has scheduled a caesar. Anyone else agree? Who wants to hang out in a hospital just for fun?

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1030810/Minnie-Drivers-baby-bump-steals-spotlight-red-carpet-premiere.html

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