16 July 2008

Charlotte Church: babies are better when they are born at home

Huzzah! Charlotte Church is having baby number 2 at home. Apparently Charlotte has become a spokesperson for breastfeeding and homebirth since having her first baby at home last year. According to the Welsh government, homebirths in Wales have risen to 25% even though the government's target was only 10%. That's 1/4 of all births taking place at home!

Even her rugby playing partner, Gavin, was pretty jazzed with the homebirth:

“The midwife called me when the baby was just coming out and to see that was amazing. You don’t know what people are talking about unless you’ve been a part of it.

“I had so much more respect and so much more love for Charlotte after what she’d just been through. I cut the cord.

“I was just so relieved that the baby looked really healthy. I checked everything and she looked beautiful.”

Source: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/showbiz-and-lifestyle/2008/07/15/charlotte-church-opts-to-have-second-baby-at-home-91466-21339878/

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Anonymous said...

“I had so much more respect and so much more love for Charlotte after what she’d just been through."

So now the irresponsible risks of homebirth are to be justified to get the respect of the partner you already chose to father your child? Give me a break!

Homebirth is natural selection pure and simple. Eventually the risks will come home to roost. Having your baby at home is simply irresponsible.

Having said that - everyone has a right to be irresponsible. Putting aside the risk you put your child through and the argument about whether you (and women who smoke during pregnancy) should be arrested for abuse... to each their own.

However to laud this as an achievement because the father says he has more respect? OMG

And what kind of message is it to young men that there are dads out there who imply they have more respect for your Mum because she chose needless suffering and put you both through needless risk? That should give a few boys a good idea of staying safe and protecting others shouldn't it? ha.

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