18 July 2008

Melissa Joan Hart: on losing weight post-baby

Melissa Joan Hart is featured in Ok! talking about her post-baby weight loss. Hart gave birth to a second son 4 months ago, and now says she is only 5 pounds away from her 'goal' weight'. This time around the actress says she tried harder to drop her weight, although, she is not trying to lose too much because she is breastfeeding. Here are some highlights:

How much extra weight did you put on when you were pregnant?

I probably put on about 35 pounds. Maybe by the end of it, it was close to 40. Whereas with Mason, my first pregnancy, I put on like 55. So it was a big difference.

How much do you have left to lose?
I’m about five [pounds] off from where I started. But I want to drop another 10. So I have 10 more pounds, and I'll do that over the rest of the year. But see, weight's tricky too, because I’m putting on muscle. When I had Mason, I was the lightest weight I’ve ever been, but I wasn’t working out. So I looked skinny, and the scale was reading skinny, but I had no muscle tone to me. This time I want to have muscles, so I’m probably going to weight a little more than I did.

Did you go through stages of feeling "unsexy" while you were carrying the baby weight?
Oh god, I did not like being pregnant. I was just reading a magazine where there were a group of celebrities that loved being pregnant, so they never wanted to stop. And then there was a group of women that were just like, I hated it. And I just hated it.

Source: http://www.okmagazine.com/news/view/7933

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