22 July 2008

Why stop at fourteen?

This British mother of 13 is pregnant with number 14 (just 7 months following 13). Oh and she's a size zero. Lost all her weight 5 days after last birth:

'I don't really diet after I've given birth,' she said at home in Guernsey. 'I do have a real weakness for chocolate and like all mums I definitely indulge while I'm pregnant. But I don't put on much weight during each pregnancy as I don't have a huge appetite and afterwards the excess goes very quickly.'

This woman has basically been pregnant with short breaks for the last 20 years...and *gasp* she's not necessarily hanging up the preggo clothes.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1036905/Mother-13-pregnant-number-14-just-seven-months-gave-birth.html

1 comment:

Cherryskin said...

I'm not surprised -- running around after FOURTEEN KIDS would melt those baby kilos right off.
Each to their own...each to their own...

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