03 July 2008

Oh baby!

So it seems that Angelina Jolie may not have comandeered an entire country for the birth of her twins but she has comandeered an entire hospital. I can't get over how ridiculous the media coverage of her pregnancy, the longest pregnancy in the history of humanity, has become. Even her French obstetrician is giving press conferences to say that she is doing 'alright' and that the babies are many weeks off:

"This is not an emergency situation," he added. "Her hospitalization at this stage in her pregnancy is totally normal for a patient who had a Caesarean (section) during her first pregnancy."

Pfft! Why in the world would you want to stay in a hospital for weeks? Even if they have booked out 4 rooms in the hospital, I reckon Ange is off for another caesar and it will happen any day now. Moreover, I have never heard of women who have caesars for a second checking into hospital in advance of the surgery.

In other news, Naomi Watts is pregnant again, just 10 months after giving birth to her first son, Alexander. Watts is currently 4 months pregnant.

And! Us magazine has another arresting post-baby body photo gallery..actually this one is quite good (Halle Berry, Jen Garner, Nicole Richie, Tori Spelling, J.Lo, Keri Russell, and many more)

Have a look here: http://www.usmagazine.com/stars_post_baby_bods_021208

Sources: http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5h2_IyFabYfllWKbrFuPHs6X2nqOQD91LUGRG0

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