19 July 2008

Breast milk jewelry?

Yes, you did read that title correctly. JEWELRY. MADE. OF. BREAST. MILK.

A French design collective, Duende, is displaying a collection of objects that explore the sharing of food between mother and child in France in September.

Objects will include containers for burying the placenta, tableware for the ritual of eating the placenta and conceptual jewellery that could be made from the mother’s breast milk.
The 'milk pearl' shown above is made from solidified casein, the protein in animal/human breast milk. According to the designers:
"The ‘Perle de lait’ range of jewellery imagines a new set of personalized post-natal objects. The breast-feeding mother sends a feeding bottle full of her milk to a laboratory where it is transformed into a gem-like substance that can be mounted on a neck-piece or any other form of jewellery."
The objects in the collection are evocative and beautiful:

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canape said...

Dang. I feel like I've worked so hard to produce every drop of milk I can to feed my child. To think of sending a bottle of it off somewhere to make jewelry? Makes my nipples want to retract and hide.

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