13 July 2008

Civil rights movement for foetuses

In November, it looks like Colorado voters will be asked when life begins. The Human Life Amendment is being put forward to voters to ensure that personhood starts from the moment of conception. If voters agree, fertilised eggs will have the same rights as those people with the gross motor skills, a fully formed brain and obviously, the ability to walk.

Although the measure is not directly aimed at putting limitations on abortion, Colorado Right to Life is all over it for obvious reasons.

"The goal is to restore legal protection to preborn babies from the moment they are conceived, which is the only way we're going to stop abortion," said Leslie Hanks, vice president of the group.

If passed, this could have dire consequences for the progress of medical research, the rights of mothers, the continuing availability of contraception, and of course abortion. Some critics are suggesting that if this amendment passes, this could be the start of another battle against Roe v. Wade. Also, if pregnant women are categorised as 'two' people instead of one, her ability to access medical care will also be compromised.

This measure may protect the 'human' rights of foetuses, but what about protecting the mother's human rights?

What do you think?


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Michael said...

Well, as with everything in this world of ours, it depends.

I used to use Dennis Miller's old line about "Well, I have a penis, so my views are not really relevant."

Honestly, all I can say is I'm personally pro life, but politically pro choice. I would want any pregnancy I created to be brought to term, (no longer an issue for me, as I have stepped out of the gene pool!) but I firmly believe I cannot impose my views on anyone else.

I agree with your view that the Amendment is a disaster-written so that one can scarcely disagree, but with horrific consequences. Funny how our conservatives, who are usually against government doing anything, are gung ho to have them get involved in this.

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