09 July 2008

The interweb: pregnant with possibility

Here's a little tidbit:

'Am I pregnant?' is the top Internet search among British web surfers, followed by 'How do I work out how many weeks pregnant I am?' and 'What does morning sickness feel like?'

Apparently, life's most pressing questions (and those that are too embarassing to be asked in person) are being saved for the Information God that is Google.

And I believe this too. Lots of people who end up here use 'Am I pregnant' as their search query.

Source: http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Technology/Internet-Questions-Am-I-Pregnant-Tops-Poll-Of-Most-Searched-Terms/Article/200807215027867?lpos=Technology_1&lid=ARTICLE_15027867_Internet%2BQuestions%253A%2BAm%2BI%2BPregnant%2BTops%2BPoll%2BOf%2BMost%2BSearched%2BTerms

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