06 July 2008

The most valuable babies in the world

Word on the street is that Ange and Brad are demanding are being offered £11m for the first pictures of the twins. In a revealing article in the Daily Mail (not the most reliable source, but nevertheless...), Ange is holed up in her French hospital making demands and trying to maintain her 'tranquility quotient' which basically means her days are focused on being calm and getting massages and making obnoxious celebrity demands. She apparently travels with a coterie of doctors, midwives and has a pregnancy 'coach'. What does one do with a pregnancy coach if you are not actually in the midst of giving birth? Oh and she's already trying to adopt a boy from the same orphanage where she found Zahara. That would bring her brood up to a whopping 7. Egad.

Anyway, worth a read, if anything just for the salacious gossip:

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