08 July 2008

Javine Hylton: post-baby body

British singer, Javine Hylton has dropped most of her baby weight since giving birth in February of this year. She says, however, it hasn't been easy (motherhood and losing weight). I rate this woman. Not only does she admit that losing weight is bloody hard, she also acknowledges the absolute shock that is having a baby for many first-time mums. She says in Closer magazine:

“I’d always thought of myself as a fit, athletic person, but I’d spread everywhere! My bum was enormous – it came round on all sides and stuck out behind me! I’d put on four stone while pregnant – going up to fourteen stone – and although I’d lost some of the weight, my pre-pregnancy jeans wouldn’t fit. I’d cover up in Harvey’s biggest T-shirts and tracksuit bottoms.”

Six weeks post-birth, she hired a trainer, ramped up her fitness and started to eat well. Javine has gone from 14 stone (88 kg) in pregnancy to about 10.5 (65 kg) in the photo above.

Source: http://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1032969/Javine-Hylton-shows-post-baby-figure.html

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